Solar Incentives

Municipalities and Communities

  1. Alberta Municipalities Solar Program
    • Up to 30% rebate and first-time applicate plus $0.25/Watt
  2. Alberta Ecotrust Grant
    • Determined on a case by case basis
  3. City of Edmonton Ecocity Grant
    • Determined on a case by case basis
  4. City of Edmonton Community League Infrastructure Program
    • Determined on a case by case basis
  5. Brazeau Energy Efficiency Rebate Program
    • The lower of $0.75/Watt or 35% rebate up to $10,000 on top of the Energy Efficiency Alberta Residential Solar Program

Available Financing

  1. ATB Financing 
    • Prime +2% with an unsecured line of credit, amortized over 5, 10, or 15 year terms


The above information changes frequently and may not be up to date, please contact Great Canadian Solar for the most relevant information.

"Throughout our project Great Canadian Solar (GCS) showed a strong commitment to teamwork, safety, quality, and timely execution. Our project team had a very positive experience with GCS and I would not hesitate to work with them on any future solar PV projects."

- Paul Wong, Building Owner; Eastgate Office Building 154 kW Solar Project