Sep 25

RMS News Letter

Interested in what they said about us? Click here.

Jun 08

Solar Incentive Program

See why Albertans are turning towards solar. Click here to view the whole story.

Nov 06

NAIT's Techlife Magazine

Is Alberta’s solar industry ready to step into the light? Click here to read the article.

Mar 07

NAIT Solar Study

To read more about how snow affects your PV modules click here.

May 21

Lamont Area Farm Bets Future on the Sun

Fourth-generation farmer Kirk Harrold is harvesting the sun to power his farm northeast of Edmonton with help from the Alberta Agriculture program "Growing Forward." Click here to view the whole story.

Sep 10

Church powers up with sun

A St. Albert church has tapped the power of the sun by building the biggest solar array in the city. Click here to read the article.

Jun 09

Local farmer goes solar

An installation for a farmer in Sturgeon County was featured in the St. Albert Gazette. Click here to read the article.

"Thanks to Great Canadian Solar we now have a PV system of the highest quality that students can learn from for many years to come."

- James R. Sandercock, PhD Chair - Alternative Energy Technology School of Sustainable Building and Environmental Management NAIT