NAIT & City of Edmonton Solar Reference System

This project began in the summer of 2012 on top of the Shaw Theatre located on NAIT's main campus. NAIT in partnership with the City of Edmonton began consulting with Gordon Howell of Howell Mayhew Engineering, the prime contractor and the Solar Energy Society of Alberta on the creation of this reference system. The goal of this project is to analyze the output of modules at various angles throughout the year. Half of the modules will be cleared of snow manually while the other half will rely on their own mounting angle to shed snow naturally. This array was conceptualized by Tim Matthews, a Laboratory Technologist in NAIT's Alternative Energy Program. Great Canadian Solar was contracted by Howell Mayhew Engineering to construct this very original array. All photographs are courtesy of NAIT.

Responsibilities consisted of:

  • Filing of the electrical permit
  • Solar electric system installation
  • Post construction monitoring and maintenance

Project Highlights

NAIT and the City of Edmonton

Project Facts

  • Edmonton, Alberta
  • Commercial
  • Current
  • 2.76 kW