GCS Partners with Solar Offset!

March 28th, 2023

Solar Offset Limited (“Solar Offset”) is delighted to announce that we have partnered with Edmonton-based solar PV installation company Great Canadian Solar, who have been in business since 2009 and installed almost 100MW of clean power, making them one of Alberta’s most experienced solar contractors.

Solar Offset Co-Founder Graham Harris says “With Great Canadian Solar as a partner, we can rapidly advance the expansion of our services and provide additional value to hundreds of customers in the residential, large commercial and utility scale markets. This partnership is fully aligned with our mission at Solar Offset to accelerate the energy transition by making solar a more affordable, easier decision for all Albertans.”

Great Canadian Solar’s President, Clifton Lofthaug, says “We are excited to partner with Solar Offset, a leader in their industry, so we can maximize the economic return of our solar clients and help Albertans see the light!”

As experts in the carbon offset space, Solar Offset brings together individual solar PV system owners to access the Alberta carbon market and create up to ten years of additional, passive income from creating and selling carbon offset credits.

Solar Offset’s partnerships with local, trusted experts in solar PV installations – like Great Canadian Solar – ensures that our clients can get all the answers on whether or not a solar photovoltaic system makes sense for them, how best to site it, what size of system they should install, and so on. Our partners provide the expertise in installing a renewable energy system in Alberta; Solar Offset provides the expertise in how to maximize your revenue from that system via carbon offsets.

You can learn more about Great Canadian Solar from their website, and more about how much your carbon credits could be worth using our simple calculator.

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